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One of Haiti's most prominent and respected musicians has passed away. The lead singer of the Rasin group, Koudjay, Jean Samuel Lubin, known by his stage name Samba Kessy, died on December 9th at the age of 54, at Saint Nicholas Public Hospital in the town of Saint Marc, following, according to reports, a discomfort after a performance.

Samba Kessy was a towering figure in Haitian music and one of the pioneers of the Rasin movement. Haiti's most political musical genre; traditional songs and Vaudou drumming incorporated into Rock and Rolls. The Rasin or roots movement emerged under the oppressive Duvalier regime, with songs criticizing the oppressive military rules, till the fall of Duvalier in 1986. 

Founded in 1988, Koudjay quickly gained great reputations for Its songs denouncing corruptions in government and defending the most marginalized in Haitian society. Koujday's songs became more than just simple carnival hits, but social and political commentaries. Samba Kessy and his band Koudjay influenced countless of other musicians and other artists.

Haiti's Ministry of Culture put out a statement "saluting with great emotion the premature departure for the beyond of the composer-singer-interpreter of the group Koudjay, Jean Samuel Lubin alias' Samba Kessy..."