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Haiti's Provisional Electoral Council has postponed for January 3rd, the date for the publication of the definitive results of the presidential election held last November 20, said a statement released Thursday by the body responsible for organizing election in the Caribbean country.

The statement did not provide a reason why the initial date of December 29 for the release of the permanent election's results was not respected, despite an assurance from the CEP's executive director, Uder Antoine, on December 27, that the electoral calendar would be respected.

Haiti's Electoral Council will publish definitive results of Presidential Election Thursday

This new paralysis seems to have emerged from the challenges to the results that second, third and fourth place finishers in the electoral process initiated in the electoral court, which on December 20th ordered the revision of 12% of ballots at random; the results of that verification has not yet been released.

According to preliminary data provided by the CEP, the winner of the first round election was Jovenel Moise of the Haitian Tet Kale Party (PHTK), who would have obtained 55.67% of the votes, while his closest opponent, Jude Celestin, of the Alternative League for Haitian Progress and Emancipation (Lapeh), achieved 19.52%.