The installation of Evans Paul, a political activist of long standing, and the formation of a consensus government, which includes representatives of a few political parties with a fringe of the opposition, hardly change anything. People in the street are still furious. Demonstrations to demand the departure of the head of state is growing.

On Tuesday, they were several hundreds to tread the tarmac to demand the departure of President Michel Martelly and his new Prime Minister Paul Evans.

According to the protesters, Martelly is mistaken about the identity of the real actors of the opposition. "The real opponents of Michel Martelly are there in the streets. They are at the Bel-Air and they have a very clear demand: the resignation of Michel Martelly, "said Assad Volcy.

Throughout the course, the protesters chanted hostile choruses towards Michel Martelly and his new Prime Minister, Paul Evans, accused of being a puppet in the hands of the head of state.

The protesters criticized the political parties of the opposition who have decided to team up with President Martelly. Turneb Delpé warns. "They have to bear the consequences of their actions. They will leave with President Martelly. "

As expected, the event ends at the premises of the Faculty of Ethnology, quietly. Leaders who do not intend to make concessions, reaffirm their determination to overthrow the regime in power. They give appointment for next Friday. This demonstration will start from Bel Air to end before the Toussaint Louverture Airport.

This Friday, January 23, ambassadors of the UN Security Council will arrive in Haiti to the Haitian government to reaffirm the urgent need to hold elections.