Anger opponents of President Martelly unabated, and many students are now joining the protests. In the hubbub of the claims, Mayson Toussaint, who is 29 years old and thought sickened by the current government, stops at micro RFI and does not mince words:

"I lived and I saw all the barbarities of the Martelly government. It never ceases to orchestrate corruption and venality of this power. Today, it is a duty to remember rush us in this process so that the mafia strength embodied in the little president Martelly knows when he has to leave to leave the country. There is no other alternative. »

The protesters are demanding a further reduction in fuel prices. Haiti, which buys its oil in Venezuela in loans at 1% interest, is unable to pay its debt in Caracas. It amounts to more than a billion and a half dollars. To  Larose, it's a shame. "The country is poor and they are going to leave our children and grandchildren pay the Petrocaribe debt, he protested. He said to Mr Martelly his only chance is to resign and go head down in prison. »

After more than 5 hours walking the streets of the capital on Saturday, the procession was dispersed by police who used tear gas, but also fired live ammunition into the crowd, injuring two people. Opponents do not intend to stop their movement so far and call for two new general strike days Monday and Tuesday in Haiti.