John Louis, 33, one of the 35 detainees held in Hinche civil prison who has just received a presidential pardon was at the heart of a shooting that have left 4 injured in a church in Hinche.
The event occurred at a prayer meeting in the Maranatha church, Tuesday, January 6 at about 7 PM. The former detainee arrested an officer of the civil prison in Hinche, Antime Exavier, which attending the religious ceremony.

He accused the jailer for having caused unacceptable humiliation during his stay in the prison center.

Seconds later, the murderer was showing off his 9 mm caliber pistol. Heavy gunfire were heard in all directions pushing twenty people to take refuge inside the church.

The secretary-treasurer of the municipal electoral office in Hinche, Antoinius Cadet, 54, father of 4 children and an instructor of the National Police were each shot in the upper part between the abdomen and heart. However, their life is not in danger, a doctor at the St. Therese Hospital where they were taken to be treated, confirmed,.

Antime Exavier, 31, assigned to the civilian prison in Hinche and main target of the attacker was hit by a bullet in the right foot and John Louis, 33 was wounded in the head and feet during exchanges fire with the police.

For now, they are in the emergency room of the hospital St. Therese of Hinche for care.

"I hope that God has not left me alone and he will not leave me alone," said the secretary-treasurer of Bec Hinche who received the ball when he tried to hide inside his car parked right next to the church.

John Louis, who seem to have a fierce hatred against the agent of Antime Exavier, spared no one. Even a dog that was found in the area was seriously injured.

The intervention of the National Police agents who reinforced led to the arrest of the former prisoner.

The Government Commissioner near the Court of Appeal, teachers, lawyers Hinche Bar, organizations members of civil society, all made the trip to the scene of the tragedy.

John Louis, currently hospitalized, is part of the 35 prisoners pardoned by the Head of State of Haiti Michel Martelly.

The presidential pardon has been much ink. For associations of civil society evolving Central Plateau, they are criminals who mostly have benefited.

In December 2014, the President has pardoned 340 prisoners. According to the National Network for the Defence of Human Rights (RNDDH) it would be criminals and prisoners who have not yet been tried.