Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant is criticized for taking large entourage on two helicopters to inaugurate small port in Tortuga Island

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The Haitian government, specifically, Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant, is the subject of heavy criticisms on social media, after he flew on two helicopters, a large delegation made up of senators, deputies, journalist and other figures, to the inauguration of the pictured strip of concrete, which the government touted as a disembarking port, in the northern Island of Tortuga.

"So y’all, are not afraid to be laughed at " commented one young man on social media, " to take two helicopters + the Prime Minister of the country, Jack Guy Lafontant, + the Minister of Tourism, + all the money to pay security agents, + journalists, secretary, local authorities, all to inaugurate this in the Island of Tortuga. You are very brave," he continued.

The online news agency Haiti loop reports however that the population of this remote Island on the northern Haitian coast is very happy with this new port, because before it was very difficult for local fishermen to disembark their catch.

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"That's not much in appearance, but in the eyes of the public, it's a great and good action." argues one of the technicians who worked on the project which lasted six months. Before, people had to put their feet in the cold water to unload their goods, " aware - it seems - of the heavy criticisms aimed at the government.

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