Haiti is ranked 53rd out of 180 countries, according to the latest world ranking of press freedom and freedom of expression, by Reporters Without Borders.

Haiti experienced a regression of 6 places this year compared to last year when it was ranked in 47th position.

This decline affects almost all countries, as we see in the report. If Haiti is ranked 53th, the neighboring Dominican Republic  occupies the 63rd position.

For the fifth consecutive year Finland wins first place with a score of 7.52. Canada ranked 8th, France 38th, while the United States is positioned at 49th place behind Chile, Niger, El Salvador and Burkina Faso.

According to RSF, the Haitian media environment is divided into two different areas: the privileged media "pro-government" and those "opposition", which often have poor access to public information.

"The administration demonstrated a disturbing hostility vis-à-vis the critical media and inclination to stifle independent voices," the report said.

Reporters Without Borders focuses on the attempted muzzling April 8, 2014, by Conatel, the regulatory communications body, which had threatened to sanctions 'certain' radios.

Instead of ensuring access to information, the authorities try to bribe journalists at RSF, recalling the last corruption scandal at the National Palace and distributions of envelopes to journalists accredited by the Presidency.

The world ranking of press freedom has been published annually since 2002 by Reporters Without Borders, an organization that defends freedom of information. Its purpose is to assess the freedom of information in 180 countries.