The country is facing a multidimensional crisis, said President of the National Assembly, Jocelerme Privert yesterday at the opening of the first ordinary session of the legislative year.

According to Senator Privert parliamentarians should adopt provisions to preserve respect the constitution and the democratic gains and create conditions for our sovereignty.

In his speech the President of the National Assembly urged his colleagues to show cohesion and unit capacity of truth and sense of common interest. I invite you to this spirit of sacrifice and solidarity, said Mr Privert in a short speech less than 5 minutes.

The Haitian parliamentarians face gouvenance proposals of the country after the end of the five year term of Michel Martelly, on 7 February.

It is imperative for us to make history, launched M Privert stressing the need for the 50th legislature to adopt provisions in a critical moment.

We are one body and we are called to work as a body, said Mr. Privert alluding to the harmony that should exist between the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies. However dissension are evident between the opposition-controlled Senate and the Chamber of Deputies mostly near the head of state. It is in unity that we can work for our people and show the world that we parliamentarians can rise to the dimension of the challenges ahead.

Of the 116 only elected Edwin Zeny and Steven Benoit had not taken part in the first session of the National Assembly's 50th Legislature.