President Moise will not cave in to pressure of lawmakers who want him to reshuffle government within 72 hrs, according to his spokesman

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As to respond to the pressure of parliamentarians urging him to carry out a cabinet reshuffle under penalty of questioning the government, the spokesman for the head of state said it is to know poorly Jovenel Moise, if parliamentarians think that he will act under pressure. Moreover, Lucien Jura informed the Nouvelliste that, when the President of the Republic will not be comfortable with his ministers, he will let everyone know through the official journal Le Moniteur.

Jovenel Moses resists threats and pressure from parliamentarians. For good reason, the ultimatum of 72 hours of the deputy Francisque de la Cruz for a cabinet reshuffle has come to an end for more than 24 hours. "As long as there is not a cabinet reshuffle published in The Monitor, it must be taken for granted that the head of state is not uncomfortable with his government," said the spokesman of Jovenel Moise.

In the framework of a democratic state of law, the three powers, each one as far as it is concerned, have their attributions, Lucienne Jura reminded the parliamentarians. "The principle of the separation of powers defines the fields of jurisdiction ...", continued the communication advisor of the Head of State in his little lesson to parliamentarians.

The reshuffle is the exclusive prerogative of the head of state according to his promises and his assessment of the government, he said in a telephone interview on Friday with Le Nouvelliste.

The Majority in Parliament gives Haitian President 72hrs to reshuffle his government

Mr. Jura reminded parliamentarians that their role is to legislate and control the executive. "They do not have to decide whether or not there should be a reshuffle in the cabinet. This is the responsibility of the head of state, "he said repeatedly.

Regarding the threat by some parliamentarians of the possibility of challenging the entire government, the National Palace tells them that they are free to do all that the Constitution allows them to do. No more !

On the other hand, the spokesman of Jovenel Moïse qualified by saying that since the head of state has a parliamentary majority, "for convenience and elegance, it is fashionable for the president to discuss with the majority". However, insisted Lucien Jura, this does not mean that the tenant of the National Palace intends to transfer his prerogatives to another power.

Lucien Jura added that the head of state is "a man of dialogue, he discusses with many sectors on the file of reshuffle, but for now there is no decision yet".

On Wednesday, April 18, the deputy of Thomassique, Francisque De la Cruz, a member of the majority who supports the power, had granted a period of 72 hours to the Head of State Jovenel Moïse to make changes within the government. "If the president really wants to keep his foal at the head of the government he is rushing to make the changes required. Otherwise, the deputies will react and cut off the Prime Minister's head, " the parliamentarian threatened.

Speaking Monday on the TV show "Haiti Sa k ap kwit" on TV 20, the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies had already indicated that "At the level of the Chamber of Deputies, we found a lack of performance of the government . Today, it is clear that there is a leadership deficit at the government level. "

Like most of his peers, MP Gary Bodeau has called for a cabinet reshuffle that he believes can calm the game. Otherwise, he added, it could challenge the whole system. The MP for Delmas nonetheless acknowledged that a ministerial reshuffle is the responsibility of the head of state and the Prime Minister.

The president of the Senate had since the beginning of the month called the head of state to make a reshuffle within the government. Joseph Lambert believes that there is a need to reshuffle the cabinet, because, according to him, the government is out of breath in recent days. "It needs new blood," he said.

"If the executive did not do the shake-up, the Parliament could find itself in the painful obligation to force its hand ..." he said in the form of a thinly veiled threat.

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