President Moise urges Judges to support the Police in fighting crimes

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Haitian President, Jovenel Moise, no longer wants to accuse the judicial authorities of not wanting to do more in the fight against crimes and corruption, but insists on the need for a healthy distribution of justice. A week after the refusal of members of the Superior Council of the Judiciary (CSPJ) to respond to his formal invitation to dialogue, President Moïse is more conciliatory encouraging magistrates to judge and convict criminals apprehended by law enforcement.

Judges of the Supreme Judiciary Council publicly reject formal invitation of President Moise to meet at the National Palace

Magistrates still remember the statements of the President during his trip in Paris, where he confided in the Haitian community that he was "forced " to appoint 50 judges he himself suspected of being corrupt.

Haitian President renews the mandate of about 50 judges suspected of corruption

This time, President Moïse praises the importance of the judiciary, not hesitating to call it the most important power.

Deploring the release of some alleged perpetrators of violence last week in Mirebalais, President Moise stressed the need for the apprehended bandits to be sentenced. "Justice elevates a nation but injustice is the shame of the people," said President Moise quoting a text from the Bible in his speech on the occasion of the formation of a new police unit in charge of the control of the area border.

If there is no justice anarchy will reign, warns Mr Moise saying he is confident in the judicial system of his country.

If he awaits a burst of members of the judicial system, President Moïse rejoices in the dynamism of the police authorities. He argues that law enforcement action must be supported by the justice system to be effective.

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