President Jovenel Moise to address Haitian Parliament during National Assembly, later today

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Haiti's President Jovenel Moise is expected to address both chambers of  parliament, who will be convened in National Assembly this Monday, January 8th, during the first session of the  2018 legislative year.

Accompanied by the Prime Minister, Dr Jack Guy Lafontant, this will be the President's first official address to the legislature since taking office February 7th, 2017.

The President will present his vision for the year 2018 and beyond. He is expected to highlight the works of the Caravan of Change throughout the country, an initiative of President Moise with the aim of rehabilitating Haiti's agricultural infrastructures. 

The speech of President Jovenel Moise to the Haitian parliament will be under the cloud of the damning PetroCaribe corruption report, penned by the senate last year, which recommended serious corruption charges against a number of former high ranking officials, and current officials in the President's own administration for having " mismanaged, wasted, stolen and embezzled"more than $ 3 billion of the PetroCaribe funds in what the report concluded was a " large scale state fraud." 

The President despite having made public corruption the main fight of his administration on the surface, he has come out very strongly against said corruption report, qualifying it instead as politically motivated.  

Did Haitian President Jovenel Moise ask 19 senators to vote against the Petrocaribe corruption report during secret meeting?

Despite being in disagreement over the 686 pages long report however, the President is still expected to talk about the problems of corruption.

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