President Jovenel Moise, near tears, promised to rebuild the historic Iron Market of Port-au-Prince, following devastating fire

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Haitian President Jovenel Moise, accompanied by the Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant, early on the morning of Tuesday February 13th, went to the scene of the devastating fire that left the historic Iron market in Port-au-Prince, almost completely destroyed, to witness firsthand the extent of the damages and to lend his shoulder and all the support of his government to the hundreds of inconsolable merchants who have lost all their livelihoods in this terrible disaster.
To the hundreds of traders present, President Moise, obviously heartbroken by the event, promised that starting the 28th of February there will be a list of all the merchants affected established by the Ministry of the Interior and Territorial Communities, to provide them with some monetary support every month until the public market is completely rebuild. 

While the President is still waiting for the final conclusion of an investigation immediately launched by the Police, the president said he understands “the pain of the mothers, fathers, most who have gone into debt, people who have borrow from the banks, these people now have great problems;” worried the president who said that he understood all these heartaches. The President implores the banks to be patient with these merchants as they start to rebuild their lives.

Former Chief of Haiti's National Police, Mario Andresol: Iron Market fire "is either political or criminal"

“At the same time, I ask the Minister of Justice, the Police, the DCPJ.. so all the measures are taken for an investigation to find this dishonest act. If it is an accident, then so it should be… I will assume the responsibility and take the charge. But if it is someone who is against our passion to change the country, to change the mentalities, to build people lives, we cannot accept this” pointing with his finger the devastation behind him. “ This is the destruction of children lives and futures, this is the destruction of family, this is the destruction of hope.” the president said near tears.

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