President Jovenel Moise met with public transport unions

Posted by on Friday, November 24, 2017 Under: Economy
President Jovenel Moise received last Wednesday, at the National Palace a group of public transport unions. During this meeting, the President outlined the main orientations of his five-year term and his vision of modernization of the transport sector in the country.

Moise listened  attentively to the legitimate demands of representatives of trade unions present at the meeting. He also took the opportunity to congratulate them for choosing the path of dialogue and wisdom rather "than the road to confrontation." referring to strikes and protests transport unions have usually advocated for when in disagreement with the government, mostly over gas prices.

President Moise promised to take into consideration their proposals and their demands which revolve around the modernization of the transport sector. He also promised to make every effort to enable this important sector of national life to take control in order to provide more services and job to the population.

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