President-elect of Haiti, will come into office amid money laundering allegations

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Jovenel Moise, the winner of Haiti's presidential election, speaks during an interview in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, December 1, 2016. REUTERS/Jeanty Junior Augustin/Files

The President-elect of Haiti Jovenel Moise, will come into office February 7th, 2017, amid a money laundering scandal, after the Central Unit of Financial Intelligence (UCREF), a government institution, concluded in a report that there were numerous indications that the incoming President had laundered money through a personal account he held with his wife. 

Jovenel Moise has categorically denied the allegations and has accused the government agency of "political maneuver." to  "derail the government" that is about to form. 

The UCREF report cited financial transactions of Jovenel Moise between 2007 and 2013 which were considered suspicious and forwarded to the Prosecutor's Office at the Civil Court in accordance with article 35 of the Law of 11 November 2013 on money laundering and The financing of terrorism.

The leaked report said there had been more than $5 million in suspicious transfers made through a personal account at the National Credit Bank between January 2012 and April 2013.  

Mose said that the bank account in question was in Haitian gourdes, not in US dollars, meaning that its value would have been some 40 times less than what was reported by UCREF.

The concerns of the President-elect alleged money laundering come a few days after a Haitian senator-elect, Guy Philippe, was detained and deported to the United States where the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) opened a process for drug trafficking and money laundering.  

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Four lawmakers on January 16th, penned a letter to the president of the Senate, Yourie Latortue to urged the National Assembly to give appropriate attention to the report before the inauguration of the President. The report is currently being reviewed by a judge and a decision is not expected to be issued until after Jovenel Moise comes into office.

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