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The President-elect of Haiti, Jovenel Moise called on demonstrators to withdraw from the streets and restore order in the capital, Port au Prince.
The soon to be president of Haiti appealed to the Haitian people to maintain public order in the streets, after preliminary results that give him as winner in the last presidential election.

"People have their own opinion. We need order and discipline to put the country back on the path to development , " said Moise during an interview with the news agency AFP , published Friday.

Moise said that people have their personal opinion and added that it was time for his rivals to begin to realize that the country can no longer wallow in a history of violence.

Since the publication of the presidential election last Sunday, those who disagree with the results, continue to protest in the capital Port-au-Prince,

The data : According the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) the businessman, Jovenel Moise, candidate supported by the ex president Michel Martelly, received 55.67% of the votes.

If preliminary results are maintained Moise will be considered the new constitutional president of that country and would not need to conduct a second round next January. He will then be sworn in as President of Haiti for the next 5 years, on February 7, 2017.