The pre-election violence in Haiti continues to grow, despite all the security measures that have so far been taken by Haitian police to guarantee a climate of peace leading to the rerun presidential election in 12 days.

The campaigning caravan of presidential candidate Moise Jean Charles was attacked in La source by a group of individuals throwing rocks and other objects that left the windows of the car transporting the candidate broken and many people injured. 

On September 24, a political rally of Maryse Narcisse from the party Fanmi Lavalas was violently sabotaged in Petit-Goave; two days earlier, on Thursday, September 22, supporters of Jean-Charles Moise and members of the Haitian Tet Kale Party (Phtk) collided in Milot.

Jocelerme Privert interim president stressed the need for elections without interference and called to make meetings and events in peace, respect and tolerance for others.

Government officials must maintain strict neutrality and may not use state resources in the campaign, he said and recalled that the police are the only force that has the authority and mandate to authorize people to bear arms.

Haitian police have remained on high alert since they discovered a large illegal shipping of 117 automatic weapons and some 30.000 bullets on September 8 at the port of Saint Marc; today another seizure of illegal weapons was done at the same northern port.