A delegation of 11 Haitian religious among them a woman left Haiti on Wednesday January 7th, to Rome, to take part Saturday January 10th, in a  journey to commemorate the devastating January 12th 2010 Earthquake; have announced the president of the Episcopal Conference in Haiti, (CEH), the Cardinal Chibly Langlois.

"5 years after the earthquake of January 12th 2010, the Holy See wants to renew its communion and collaboration with the Church of Haiti and its solidarity with the Haitian people." 

"Communion of the Church: Memory and hope for Haiti, 5 years after the earthquake," is the theme of which the event will be organized around.

"This initiative, inform the Cardinal, strongly encouraged by Pope Francis, is organized by the Pontifical Council "Cor Unum" and the Commisssion for Latin America.

This is an occasion, continued the cardinal, to being able to mark the memory of this deadly disaster which has left 230.000 dead, 300.000 injured and 1.2 million homeless.

After elaborating on some projects already realized by the church in Haiti, Cardinal Chibly Langlois indicated that the church has around 200 projects in constructions for the country, with 70 projects of church and school being in development phase.

Stephan Destin, head of the  Unit construction operation talked about the finance of these projects, saying that $58 millions are needed for their completions , but only $32 millions were available.

" We hope to reinforced this ecclesiastic communion with other churches; reinforce the institutional capacity  of the diocese in order to respond to the requirements of their missions. " Concluded Cardinal Chibly Langlois.