Polifront is officially deployed along the border with the Dominican republic in Haiti's Northern Department

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The haitian National Police today deployed Its recently created Unit, Polifront, along the border with the Dominican republic, in the northern Department.

This new specialized unit, launched last week by the Haitian President with the Chief of the National Police, Michel-Ange Gedeon was given the mission to secure the border areas; prevent and suppress transnational organized crime; assist the administrative police as needed; collaborate with state institutions (customs and migration); support state agencies operating on the border; and cooperate with the Dominican Police.

Haitian President launches new Police unit, POLIFRONT, to monitor border with Dominican Republic

Since taking office last year, President Moise has engaged his administration in an uphill battle against smuggling of dominican products into Haiti, most of them formally banned. According to the President, Haiti loses annually more than $400 million of uncollected taxes along the 38 km long border with its neighbor.

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