Our so-called elected leaders can't even defend us from racist attacks on the international stage

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Haitian President Jovenel Moise is under heavy criticisms for having decided to not respond to the troubling allegations made by the New York Times that the American President, Donald Trump, said that Haitian immigrants " all had AIDS", during an oval meeting last June.

Breaking News: Donald Trump said Haitian immigrants " all have AIDS"

The advisors of President Moise, have councilled him to ignore the allegations since the White House has strongly denied them.

But should the President at least have acknowledged the report?

President Moise is the main representative and defender of Haiti and its people, and when Haitians immigrants are under attack, wether by the unverified lies of an irresponsible News Paper or a racist president of another country, the least he can do is to say something. He didn't even have to respond directly to the allegations, but he could have acknowledged them diplomatically nonetheless. 

Understandably, President Jovenel Moise is in a difficult position. The United States is one of Haiti's main partners and donors, anything he says about these allegations might give the american president the impression that he believes them, causing the relationship between Haiti and the US to sour.

This scandal is the perfect exemple of how dependent we have become on others over the years. Those so-called  elected leaders to represent us can't even respond to ignorant and racist attacks against our peers on the international stage.

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