The horrible accident that happened during the second day of Haiti's famed National carnival, leaving 16 dead and another 78 injured, forcing the Haitian government to cancel the last day of the festivities and to hold a peaceful, silent march in honor of the victims instead.

But what is different about this accident than the many horrific ones, with greater body counts than this one? 
For the first time since Haiti's been holding a National Carnival, has it been cancelled due to an accident or otherwise.

I remember a horrific accident involving the racine group Ram, left hundreds of dead and injured, but the local and international response was not as impressive.

This one is different because Haiti's president Michel Martelly, shifted the attention to the victims. 
Before, victims were just victims, a word on a news paper, a word on the radio, but everything would go on; the festivities will continue.

This time, the accident was seized by the President of Haiti, Michel Martrelly as an opportunity to teach a valuable lesson to the population. The loss of one is the loss of everyone, and taking the time to remember them is more important than the continuance of festival. Yes it has it political undertone, since the President has not been so popular in Haiti recently, but at the end it was a very nice way to handle the horrible accidents of the recent carnival festivities.

With such display of sense of responsibilities and concerns, naturally comes the next question: What will be done to prevent such terrible accidents from happening again?

After all, Haitian authorities bear responsibility for this accident.

What are the rules when it comes to the construction of musical floats? Are there required specific height, weight; how many people are suppose to be on these floats etc...?

Are there fines for violators?

Are the power cord raised by Haiti's National Electrical company, EDH on the course of the floats?

Like everything else in Haiti, there are no rules, and the few ones are not followed nor enforced. 

Hopefully this accident will not only be used as only a political opportunity, but an opportunity to start anew and be responsible, accountable and to always assure that the safety of everyone is the main concern and the most important job.