There have been a decline in the participation of Haitians in the electoral process of the country for years now.  In the last election in 2011 that saw Michel Martelly elected as president of Haiti, less than one third (1/3) of the population cared to go the urns and  make their voices heard. 

Haiti is one of the youngest democracies in the world, for it was only in 1990 that the people of Haiti were allowed to participate in the choosing of their government. And who can deny or forget  the level of participation; over 70% of the population cast their votes. 
The populace was energized not only by being able to vote for the first time, but also because the people had just ridden themselves of the tonton macoutes regime of 33 years and the president for life dictator, (May his soul never rest in peace.) Jean Claude Duvalier, through a successful revolution. 

It was during the election of the 1990, that then Catholic priest, Jean Bertrand Aristide was elected President of Haiti by a 67.5% landslide.

But today, continued violence on nearly every election since the very first democratic one was held, the international community's involvement in the process by blatantly hand-pick the president, or remove at will any candidate it deems unworthy, the population's trust in the process have greatly diminished. People are either too sacred to take the streets on election day, or they just don't care anymore. What have voted done for them in the past two-and-a-half decades, if not leaders they did not want, coup d'états by the military, the United States, France, Canada;  and the usual occupation of the UN after the results of said coups? 

Elections don't mean a damn thing in Haiti, sad because there are so many unresolved political, historical and cultural reforms, frictions and, barriers that can only be taking down, through honest and credible elections, where the people's will, is accorded the same sanctity that other world powers accord to their own people. Then, and only then will the people see real progress, real change. Not just  entire mandates of propaganda and incompetence.

But what do I know? What do the people of Haiti know?