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Speaking to reporters during a press conference, Leopold Berlanger, the president of Haiti Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) said that only 15% of the voting centers are operational.

These voting centers, mostly schools, were heavily damaged during the storm, and the remaining left standing are being used as temporary shelters.

"Of 106 voting centres in the Grand’Anse department, only 16 are ready for elections. However, most of the 16 functioning voting centres are being used as provisional shelters”, Leopold Berlanger told journalists.

Haiti voted in first-round elections in October 2015, but results were disputed by numerous candidates and supporters, forcing electoral officials to throw out the result and start over.

The reorganized first round presidential election in less than a month, on November 20th, was suppose to initially be held on October 9th, but was reported in the wake of the devastation left behind by hurricane Matthew.

The second round runoff is scheduled for January 29, 2017.