A hundred elected mayors across numerous party affiliations, according to preliminary results of municipal on October 25, are demanding the publication of the final election results. These elected officials, grouped within a group, urged the government and electoral authorities to continue the electoral process leading to their nomination.

The candidates arrived first in the preliminary results, Pierre Richard Duplan in Port-au-Prince, Wilson Jeudy in Delmas, Jude Edouard Pierre Carrefour and Gabriel Fortuné  in Les Cayes and several colleagues took part in a meeting yesterday, Monday .

Mr. Jude Pierre Edouard protested against the actions of some leaders of the opposition who claim the total cancellation of the electoral process.

According to Mr. Pierre, electoral advisers have published final results for the presidential and legislative elections but refuse to communicate the results of the municipal. Elected mayors emphasized the need for the respect of those institutions that are the backbone of decentralization. They condemn a certain contempt for the community there. They advocate that elected mayors are installed in their office at the beginning of 2016 before the entry of the 50th Parliament, as prescribed in Haiti's Constitution.

Elected mayors intend to submit their resolution to the government and the Haitian electoral authorities. The elected mayors of parties close the governing and the opposition parties speak with one voice in the context of this claim. Opposition candidates in municipalities call for the continuation of the electoral process also for legislative and presidential elections.

The elected mayor of Les Cayes, Gabriel Fortuné urged the presidential candidate of Lapeh, Jude Celestin, to commit to the implementation of the second round of presidential elections.

The group proposes that the second round of presidential elections is conducted January 17, 2016 which will foster respect for the constitutional deadline of February 7.