A Haitian national Willin Yrak was killed by machetes cut on the night of August 19, 2015 in Hatillo Palma, a Dominican town in the province of Montecristi. Two other unidentified Haitian nationals were also missing.

According to information reported by Dominican media, Willin Yrak who was in his early twenties was brutally murdered by several machetes by Dominican civilians whose identity were not revealed.

Originally, a Dominican of 42 years was raped Tuesday, August 18, 2015 by unidentified individuals in Hatillo Palma. Dominicans of this city have attributed this wrongdoing to the Haitian migrant community. In retaliation, they killed Willin Yrak. Two (2) Haitian migrants missing. Others were beaten with sticks. A pension inhabited by Haitian nationals was burned the same day. The residences of many Haitians have been destroyed, the source said.

This situation caused a psychosis of fear on the part of Haitian migrants. Many of them left the area for Dominican towns or have simply return to their country of origin through the border towns for fear of being victims of violence.

The Dominican police have opened an investigation to identify the culprits. Six (6) persons suspected of involvement in the murder of Willin Yrak were arrested.

It should be noted that acts of persecution against migrants of Haitian origins in the Dominican Republic always start with similar incidents.

According to the observation made by various sociologists including Dominicans from 2005 to 2013, these criminal violence against Haitian migrants in the Dominican territory are supported by "tenors" of ultranationalist currently installed in different areas of the Dominican territory that induce groups of the population to violence and confrontation.

Since the Dominican Police have not made a priority the murders of Haitian migrants, many fear that this heinous and vicious crime will as usual go unpunished.