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A Colombian ship full of first aid items was being unloaded at the port in the southwestern town of Dame-Marie when a stampede occurred on the dock in the afternoon.

The situation went out of hand despite the presence of UN peacekeepers and the Haitian national police while the aid was being coordinated. "The Brazilian peacekeepers who were there supporting the Haitian national police fired rubber bullets and two tear-gas grenades," said Mour Wahba UN humanitarian coordinator in Haiti.

But, the only fatal victim, a girl, died after being struck in the chest by a bullet and the three other victims suffered gunshot wounds. Wahba said that an internal investigation will be launched to confirm the exact circumstances surrounding the death.

The National police received heavy criticisms last week for firing live ammunition at the crowd demonstrating over the slow pace of aid some three weeks after Hurricane Matthew struck southern Haiti, killing nearly 1.000 people and leaving 175,000 without homes.

A spokesman for Haiti's national police said he was unable to confirm details surrounding the fatality.

Meanwhile the independent UN human rights expert, Gustavo Gallon, who visited Haiti last week came out with a scathing report of the "inhumane" conditions at the government-run schools, turned temporary shelters.