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The Obama administration has quietly started to deport en masse undocumented Haitians back to Haiti, despite the promise earlier last month to put a halt to the deportation process in the wake of Hurricane Matthew which has caused widespread devastation in the Caribbean island.

A Miami Herald article says that it seems the deportation of Haitian migrants, most of them, previously admitted into Brazil following a catastrophic earthquake in 2010, have begun on Tuesday November 8th, the day of the american presidential election. 

According to Port-au-Prince's airport authorities, 30 people were sent back on Tuesday and another 40 arrived on Thursday. Haitian officials were informed by their US counterpart to be prepared to receive on a regular basis undocumented Haitian nationals trying to reach the United States, from Brazil via Mexico.

While last Month the US Secretary of Homeland Secretary Jeh Johnson, announced that the US was halting the deportation of illegal Haitians on humanitarian grounds, he did warn that the United States would resume its migratory policy in regards to Haiti as soon as the situation started to improve.

US cancels decision to deport undocumented Haitians, after devastation of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti

But the conditions in the ground in Haiti has in fact worsen since Hurricane Matthew last month left nearly 1.000 dead and another 350.000 displaced. Some 1.5 million people have also been left in urgent humanitarian assistance as 90% of the crops in the hardest-hit areas were wiped out by the powerful winds of the storm. 

Haiti's president announced $30 million agricultural aid campaign to "avoid nationwide famine"

Haiti is also reeling from a resurgence of cholera cases after the hurricane. Thousands of new cases have since been recorded while 350 people have reportedly died from the waterborne illness, inadvertently introduced to the country by UN Nepalese peacekeepers-cholera is endemic in Nepal- after they dumped raw sewage into the Artibonite River; Haiti's longest.  The outbreak has since claimed the lives of over 10.000 and sickened hundreds of thousands more.

Cholera epidemic spreading at alarming rate in Haiti following devastating hurricane

After nearly 7 years of utter denial, the United Nations has finally admitted and apologized for the role it had in the epidemic two months ago. It had also since, promised a $400 million package to compensate victims and help Haiti finance the rebuilding of its water infrastructure .

Ban Ki-moon apologized to Haiti for cholera and sexual abuses by UN soldiers

Despite the announcement however, US government lawyers, representing the United Nations in american courts, continue to claim immunity for the UN , arguing that admitting responsibility and making monetary compensations to victims will set a dangerous precedent, hampering the global organisation ability to do its work around the world.

Last week the Haitian ambassador to the United Nations had called on the United States government to make an official comment on the new position of the UN, but no statement has been issued by the Obama administration.

Haiti's Ambassador to the UN asks United States for official comment on new UN position in cholera epidemic

It seems very unlikely that president Barack Obama, with only two months left in office, will adopt any significant new stance on the status of undocumented Haitian immigrants. The new position of the United States will be known when President-elect, Donald Trump, who made the deportation of illegal immigrants one of the cornerstones of his campaign takes office.