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Haitian President Jovenel Moise, is finalizing the consultations surrounding the nomination of his Prime Minister. Moise who offcially took office February 7, yesterday met with many parliamentarians to discuss his choice for the post; someone who must enjoy the support of the Legislative; as Haiti's constitution requires nominees for the Prime Ministership to go though a " confidence vote."

The Vice President of the Senate, Jean Marie Salomon  and Deputy Gary Bordeau said that the nomination of the next Prime Minister could be made public at the end of this week. Deputy Bordeau confirms that he had many meetings with the president, whom he said was working very hard to pick someone who would be of consensus. Both Marie Salomon and Bordeau refuse to confirm nor deny the many alluded names.

Moise has received a number of criticisms from many of his opponents, saying that he's been running for President for two years and still don't know who to choose as the head of his government after winning the election nearly a month ago.