No hospital in Haiti is able to conduct a DNA test on cadavre; Government sends remains sample abroad to determine If it is a disappeared journalist

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Last Wednesday, Haitian Police announced that as part of the investigation into the disappearance of the Photojournalist, Vladjimir Legagneur who went missing March 14, they had recovered a “headless” cadavre, and that they took samples for DNA analysis to determine whether or not it is the Journalist. A week later, officials still cannot say whether the remains they recovered were those of Vladjimir.

Breaking News: Haiti Police is conducting DNA test on "headless" corpse discovered during Photojournalist disappearance's investigation

Speaking under the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the investigation, some of the highest officials in Haiti police said that the Haitian government had to send the samples recovered to Police forces abroad, because there is not a laboratory in Haiti that can perform such test; and that it could take more than a month for the results of the DNA analysis to become public.

The Haitian government has been the subjects of heavy criticisms for the way it handled the case from the get go. It took officials thirteen days to make a statement, although the disappearance was reported 72 hours after he went missing. The statement was only to discourage people from hoping that the journalist would be found alive. Many international human rights organisations and associations of medias keep urging the government to resolve the case as soon as possible. Hundreds of journalist have also protested in the Haitian capital since the disappearance, to demand to authorities the whereabouts of their colleague.

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