VENEZUELA: Agitaciones en Haití protagonizan toma de posesión de senadores

Today a new Parliament was sworn in in Haiti, recently elected deputies and senators officially took up their seats, as the scandal over the arrest and deportation of Senator-elect Guy Philippe to the United States, on drug and money laundering charges, continues to make waves and causing unrests in many parts of the country.

The arrest and delivery of Guy Philippe was a very ugly affair for the country." Said Sorel Jacinte one of a coalition of nine senators who have made the reviewing of the extradition treaty between the United States and Haiti a priority in the new session.

During the ceremony many lawmakers shouted hostile slogans against the interim president of Haiti Jocelerme Privert, whom they accused of authorizing the deportation of the Senator-elect.

Demonstrations in the Grande Anse department have escalated, and a police station was attacked by angry crowds demanding the return of Guy Philippe. Many demonstrators warned that they will paralyze that part of the country if the man who not only was wanted on international drug trafficking charges, but also led an armed rebellion which in 2004 ousted President Jean Bertrand Aristide.

The homes of a group of foreign missionaries were attacked in southern Haiti Sunday night in retaliation to the arrest of the would be senator, the houses were set on fire, as the occupants fled to the Police who helped them. The United States embassy in Port-au-Prince has since put out a warning advising american citizens to be cautious.