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The little son of Nelson Mandela, Ndaba, considers himself an ambassador of Haiti. After a 4-day visit in late April, the Unicef ​​ambassador promised to work to break down barriers between Haiti and Africa.

During his visit Mr Mandela held talks with Haitian officials, including the Minister of Sports, Jimmy Albert and Minister of Culture, Stéphanie Balmir Villedrouin. One of the first fruits of the visit of Mr. Mandela will be the organization in September of an international boxing festival in the Haitian capital.

Amazed by the landscape and Haitian culture, Mandela is committed to promote unification between South African and Haitian peoples. The unification of the two peoples will get great benefits, he insists.

Mandela, proposes to work to promote Haiti as a tourism destination. He referred to a comparison between Cape town in his country and Cap Haitien. According to him, tourism and cultural wealth may enable Haiti to become one of the top 10 tourist destinations worldwide.

In completing his first visit to Haiti, Mandela promised that he will make several visits to the country he considers the African country of America.

He called for increased private South African investment in Haiti particularly in the tourism sector. Mandela expressed interest to promote the modernization of public transport.

Haiti was the first African republic in the Caribbean, launched Mandela emphasizing the need to shine the links between the two peoples. Often international media report negative images of Haiti, but I only saw positive things during my stay, he stressed.