Natcom has new Director at its head.

Posted by on Saturday, December 6, 2014 Under: Infrastructures

Mr. Hoang Van Ngoc is the new General Director of the second largest telecommunication company in Haiti, Natcom, operating in Haiti since September 2011. The new director promise to give  a new boost and a new image to the company and to also contribute in the development of Haiti. Mr. Ngoc also renew the company's commitment to improve the services provided by Natcom to its 2.4 million customers.

" We strongly believe that each Haitian, rich or poor, from Cap Haitien to Les Cayes, must have access to a network with high technology. We have installed around 5.000 KM of fiber optic cable in Haiti and we intend to reach a coverage of 10.000 km of fiber optic cable." 

The newly placed general director also promised a new Natcom which will be more involved in Haiti social's with new programs such as e-Evironment, e-Education, e-Health etc...
Mr Ngoc pointed out that the company already provide technological support to more than 500 schools throughout the country and to Haiti's National Police.

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