Two of Haiti's best known musical groups T-Vice and Djakout, have announced that they will not participate in the next National Carnival which is supposed to take place this February 7, the same date as the outgoing president Michel Martelly is due to leave office.

Since the announcement of the Carnival festivities by the government last month, many question the reasoning behind the decision to organize the national celebrations on a date that will most likely be very intense if we take into consideration the current political climate.

In the note that T-Vice has released, the group said:

"... It appears that given the economic and political situation of the country, we see ourselves unable to participate in the parade this year. The point is, in our opinion, not suitable given the uncertainty in our country. T-Vice, being a responsible and committed leader, could not ask his supporters to join the Champs de Mars unable to ensure their physical safety.
We thank all those who support us forever; our sponsors, friends and especially our fans. It is with a heavy heart and after extensive consultations that we have made this decision. We will be ready next year, however to satisfy all lovers of Haitian music.
Thank you"