A motion for judge Al Duniel Dimanche to recuse himself from a corruption case that involves former Haitian president Rene Garcia Preval and current senators Andris Riche and Jacques Sauveur Jean, has been filed at the first instance Tribunal in Port-au-Prince earlier this week.

The head of the legal department of the National Insurance Office (ONA) Axel Joseph, has confirmed in local media Tuesday to have filed the motion of recusal because the judge overseeing the case is impartial due political bias. The judged was accused of working as an attorney for the political party of former President Michel Martelly (PHTK) , and was out for a revenge due the recent decision of interim President Privert to redo October 25th elections. An election that showed Jovenel Moise of PHTK to have won the first round with over thirty percent of the vote.

Haiti Breaking News: Arrest warrant issued against former President Rene Preval

Judge Dimance had recently issued an arrest warrant against former president Preval, after the latter refused to respond to an invitation of the the judge to answer some questions in regards to the case seeking criminal liability against the former director of ONA, Sandro Joseph, charged with the laundering of millions from the state's institution. Preval was invited to appear before the judge not in his capacity as former president, but as a witness.

It remains unclear if the first Instance Tribunal in Port-au-Prince will approve the motion or dismiss it. In the mean time, other high ranking officials such as Senator Edwin Zenny, former deputies Laurore Edouard and Olgine Pierre have all responded to their invitation.