MINUSTAH will withdraw all its troops in 6 out the 9 Departments of Haiti in August of this year

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 The Haitian Chancellor Lener Renauld, will participate on Thursday in the United Nations Conference on Peace keeping missions.

During the discussions held in Montevideo, Uruguay, Mr. Renauld must reiterate the position of the Haitian government in regard to the judgment of the withdrawal of troops from the UN Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH). The troops of MINUSTAH must disengage completely in 6 geographic departments before the legislative in August, 2015.

The Haitian government has emphasized the importance of enhancing the security environment as the elections approach.

The electoral advisers recalled that regions such as the Central Plateau, part of the disengagement plan are considered red zones during elections.

Despite the urgings of  Michel Martelly, the Haitian Prime Minister Evans Paul, the former chancellor Duly Brutus and Haiti's ambassador to the UN, Denis Régis, the UN officials continue implementing the planned withdrawal by the resolution of the Security Council.

Yesterday a new contingent of forty Salvadoran soldiers was deployed in Haiti as part of the renewal of the troops.

In addition, the Haitian Minister of Foreign Affairs will participate Wednesday in Quito (Ecuador) at the Meeting of Foreign Ministers of the Community of States of Latin America and the Caribbean (CELAC).

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