The Haitian head of state Michel Martelly, during his speech on the 7th Summit of the Americas focused on the significant progress that has been made in the electoral process. The horizon to lead a free, fair and inclusive elections is now clear said Mr. Martelly.

With respect to the security of the elections Mr. Martelly has once again called for the continuation of UN troops during the electoral process. "The electoral process this year requires great caution, said the head of the state arguing that a defense force in Haiti is now a necessity.

Economically President Martelly has emphasized the importance of solidarity of Venezuela. "I thank President Nicolas Maduro for his solidarity through Petrocaribe. With this support, Haiti was able to answer some basic questions," said Mr. Martelly.

On the issue of relations with the Dominican Republic, President Martelly spoke of the identity document distribution process to thousands of Haitian migrants. Calling for respect of human rights of immigrants, Mr. Martelly promised that his administration will carry out the identification process in the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas.

It is a daunting task that requires a lot of effort on both sides and lots of patience, he assured urging international partners to help Haiti achieve this challenging project.

He also argued that his administration has allowed Haiti to make significant progress in several areas, including education, health, security, democratic governance, energy and the environment. Haiti has made considerable progress, said Mr. Martelly believing that his dream of a modern Haiti begins to take shape.