By questioning the outset indicators, what are obvious at first glance; the Haitian government at the highest level is poorly managed! ... In four years, three prime ministers, the last named fact. Six (6) culture ministers, five (5) of the Environment, (4) agriculture ministers, five (5) Sports Ministers, four (4) justice ministers, five (5) Ministers of Communication, four (4) Social Affairs Ministers, three (3) Ministers of Education, five (5) Ministers of Haitians Living Abroad (MHAVE), four (4) Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Worship , the Ministry of Finance, five (5) members including twice Madame Jean Marie and twice Mr. Laleau.

By this time, state secretaries are invented, created, recreated, destitute without any logic. Other government branches? It is simply a disastrous situation, not least in light of the General Customs Directorate with a record of four (4) general managers in four years, three (3) Directors General of Taxes (DGI), five (5) directors-general to the National Television of Haiti ... At the courts, let's  not even talk about it ... about seven (7) commissioners of the government, let us recall, in four years. 2011-2015 is the period that will remind us of the time with the Indians repartimientos except that in that context, it is less a distribution of land and people in Santo Domingo settlers but rather a distribution of ministries and branches to close friends of power or politicians to calm down.

That is the real truth. It is definitely levels of responsibility within a company that requires a course deviation, a strong regime of competence and a high sense of leadership. The governance of a state is to be the middle of these responsibilities. You do not mess with the management of a country. It is people's lives. You can not improvise ... we do not become a head of state, Prime Minister, Minister, Director General, policymaker. It's Patrice Franceschi, who writes in "first-person singular" Men are so constituted that they can not all be suitable for large tasks.

Four years ago, we did not understand it in Haiti. We played with the future of the nation. It was made with the sensational, we wanted to give a chance to a crazy skydiver,  at the head of state, we placed a person who is not required membrane to wear the costume of president. The old Marxist mantra does it not say "to each according to his abilities ...".

Michel Martelly, since we must name it, since it is from him that I speak, mixed brushes during his time in power, he confused good governance and propaganda, their 'overestimates, and supplanted the establishment a real social project. Instead of entrusting our departments and branches to technicians, trained cadres, he offered the reward to friends and also politicians of all stripes for him to earn his ignoble cause.

I am for the idea of incriminating him and not incriminating him at the same time. After five years of a "governance dressing", we need to recognize our errors people, we must learn the lessons and close the valves. More than ever, the people of Haiti must establish legal guidelines that can open the outlet and the exercise of power to profiles trained for that. Democracy will never want to say in the mediocrity.

The balance sheet of Michel Martelly's end of terms is sad and bitter. The gourdes is a skin currency of ball risen food prices and other commodities have destabilized household, delinquency is in each of our street corners, the bourgeoisie ... in any case, the bourgeoisie yes ... why not fatten while a strong part of the population languish in the most humiliating misery, free school is an educational crime, the State University hack forms to outdo, the Haitian environment is an ecological scandal, Dominicans make us eat dust, our Cities are microbes niches, the vulnerability of lives and property facing the high seismic of Haiti is at its peak, the provincial cities only serve to make propaganda by the head of state, Haitian society is in the direction of slope. We live what the Nigerian writer Wole Soyinka called "anomaly of a season."

And meanwhile, the coarseness of President Martelly seeks to remove all the prestige of the head of state status. His sense of stupidity annihilates the function, his dirty language remains the after most eloquent sale. The country deserved better.

In this time of elections, without embarrassment, here it mobilizes public finances, taxpayers' money to campaign for his squad. He has tasted power, he enjoys travel in procession to the head, travel at the expense of the princess, shaking hands with real heads of state; he can not budge, so he clings like a hawk takes hard in its claws an innocent prey. He absolutely wants to stay in the corridors of power. He wants to show the Haitian people that they should not. That we should not take a chance, that we should not try. The political field is that of amateurism. Definitely, it will be the great political lesson of this five-year period.

Is it Martelly who has made Haiti a poor country? No

Did Martelly contribute greatly to keep Haiti in the dirt and on the verge of social explosion? Yes and yes.

If we were smart enough, strong and brave to break the chains of slavery and impose the recognition of our humanity;we will continue to show the world that we are a people who know how to vomit and recover in dignity.

No insults or beatings, we must collectively spit in the pink soup. We must say NO to the "mal-administration", bad governance, not arrogance!

I believe that ultimately the time has come when all we understood that we are not at the Champ de Mars, but in a country.