The Haitian born former Governor General of Canada, Michael Jean, has been chosen to lead the Organization of Francophone States. Michael Jean was one of the five candidates who sought to replace Abdou Diouf, the outgoing secretary who is stepping down after 10 years. As former head of state of Canada, Michael Jean got the unwavering support of the Canadian government and her native Haiti. Michaeal Jean embarked on a campaign mission during her candidacy to the post in various french speaking country in Africa, where the secretary general usually comes from. Michael Jean presented herself as a daugher of Africa, considering the historical accomplishments of Africans during the Haitian Revolution in what would later become Haiti; the first black republic in the world after the only successful slave revolt in history. Africans governments embraced the former governor general with open arms, and promised her their support.

At a summit in Senegal on Sunday, November 30, 2014, Michael Jean, the 57 year old who came to Canada in her childhood as a refugee fleeing the dictatorship of François Duvalier, was elected as the next head of the international organization of Francophone nations.(OIF) According to the statement release by the organization. Michael Jean becomes the first woman and the first person outside the African Continent to be elected to the post.