the first mexico-Haitian born in Tijuana
Image credit: Sergio Ortiz

Mexican Health authorities inform that they have recorded what they believe to be, the birth of the first baby of stranded Haitian immigrants.

Stecy came into the world on Sunday, at the General Hospital in Tijuana, becoming the first Haitian-Mexican born in Tijuana. New born Stecy and her mother were both discharged from the hospital after presenting a good health. They are currently staying at the Casa Madre Assunta, a shelter for women and children. Casey's father lives a few meters away at the Casa del Migrante.

Sister Salome Lima, one of the volunteers at the Casa Madre Assunta, said that the couple arrived that Sunday, after they were turned away by immigration officials in the United States and given a consular appointment for January 22, 2017.

Sister Salome also confirms that among the 115 women and children currently staying at the shelter, 10 women are pregnant; two of which are going through their last trimester.

Mexico has been dealing with an unprecedented migration crisis since the beginning of this year. Tens of thousands of Haitian immigrants, previously admitted into Brazil following a catastrophic earthquake in 2010 in Haiti, are leaving on foot, on their way to the United States, since Brazil has been plunged into recession.