Merchants affected by Iron Market fire received the first financial support from Haitian government

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A few days after the fire that broke out at the Iron Market, the Inter-ministerial Commission responsible for assisting the victims of this tragedy, granted Thursday, February 22, 2018, in the gardens of the Primature, more than two hundred merchants, food kits and a financial allowance of 20.000 gourdes (U$2.000).

This ceremony was held in an atmosphere of solidarity, allowing the victims to benefit from a first intervention of the Government, just as President Moise promised a day after the fire, when he visited the scene.

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On this occasion, the Minister of Trade and Industry, Pierre Marie Du Meny, also President of the Commission, the Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, Stepanie Auguste, the Minister for Women and Women's Rights, Mrs. Eunide Innocent, the Ambassador of Taiwan in Port-au-Prince, Mr. Guillaume Chen-Hao Hu, the Directors of the National Office of Old-Age Insurance (ONA) and the Caisse d ' Social Assistance (CAS), respectively Mr Chesnel Pierre and Mr Woodly Simon, were all present.

The Minister of Social Affairs, Stéphanie Auguste, for her part, reminded that this handing of checks is a symbolic gesture, thus proving the good will of the President of the Republic, Mr. Jovenel Moïse, who asked the government to help the victims of the disastrous Iron Market fire as soon as possible. The Minister also highlighted the many difficulties faced by merchants.

Many of these merchants did not hide their satisfaction with the government's commitment, which, unlike similar situations in the past, did not take time to react. They openly expressed their gratitude to the President.

President Jovenel Moise, near tears, promised to rebuild the historic Iron Market of Port-au-Prince, following devastating fire

Beatrice Joseph, a representative of the victims, thanked President Jovenel Moise who heard the voices of the merchants from the very beginning of the drama. She recommends that the authorities do not abandon the solidarity efforts they are making in favor of those who are, according to her, exhausted.
According to the Commission's assertions, these traders, once registered, will benefit from loans from the National Insurance Office (ONA) and the Development and Investment Fund (FDI) to preferential rates, as well as financial support from the Social Assistance Fund (CAS).

The Inter-ministerial Commission, created on the recommendation of the President, has, among other things, the mission to work for the recapitalization of merchants, while waiting for the rehabilitation of the Iron Market, historical heritage of Haiti.

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