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Moise Jean Charles and Maryse Narcisse, respectively, 3rd and 4th place finishers in the last Haitian presidential election, led a mass protest in Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince, yesterday, attended by thousands of people, against the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) for allegedly mishandling the elections fraudulently.

The march although peaceful had very aggressive and dangerous slogans with many angry protesters saying that they will "burn the country down."

The march comes a day after the election tribunal adjourned a hearing on the challenges to voting results, which Narcisse, Charles, and fellow ex-Jude Celestin who came second, initiated.

"We are in the streets again to say no to the electoral coup and to the council, that does not want the people to know the truth about what happened; we will respect the results if we can really verify who won. We will be in the streets to defeat the plan of the oligarchy that wants to end what is left in the country," said Narcisse.

Narcisse, who headed the Lavalas Family party ballot, said Haiti is on the verge of a new crisis that may be worse than last year.

"Now the electoral court shows that it has no will to finalize the process. If the Electoral Council publishes the final results, confirming the ones offered on November 28, it will put the country in an endless crisis," she added.

The Provisional Electoral Council is expected to maintain the preliminary results and publish them definitively on December 29. 

Preliminary voting data provided by CEP awards the presidential to the candidate of the Haitian Party Tet Kale (PHTK), Jovenel Moise, who won in a landslide in the first round with 55.67% of the votes.

The second place was won by the Alternative League for Haitian Progress and Emancipation (Lapeh), Jude Celestin, with 19.52%.

Charles, a candidate for the Dessalines Children's Platform, Moise-Jean Charles, would have been in third place with 11.04%, while Narcisse reached just over 8% of the votes.

Haiti has been under an interim President for a year following the end of Michel Martelly presidency in February 2016 without an elected successor. The presidential election held by Michel Martelly in October 2015 showed that his handpicked successor came in first position with 32,7 of the votes, but widespread fraud allegations and months of massive protests denouncing an electoral coup forced electoral officials to annulled the entire process and start over.

Jovenel Moise after the official confirmation of the results by the CEP on December 29, will take the oath of presidential office February 7, 2017.