Several ministers resigned in Haiti after sexist insults uttered by Haitian President Michel Martelly, during a campaign rally.

A few days before legislative and just over two months of the presidential election, Haitian President skids, once again. Present at a campaign rally in the city of Miragoâne, July 28, Michel Martelly was stopped by a woman in the congregation who reproached him for not having kept his promises, including not having installed electricity in his village. "Find a man and you will get caught behind the wall," would have countered the head of state, according to the Haitian newspaper Le Nouvelliste. The crowd  laughed and cheered the head of state. An adviser to Michel Martelly believes that his statements were distorted, according to the BBC.

Following this outburst, several government members submitted their resignations on Wednesday, including Yves Rose Morquette, Minister for Women and Women's Rights, Victor Benoit, Minister of Social Affairs and Labour and Mozart Clerisson Secretary of State for Literacy. Demonstrations were organized by women, and a petition was posted on, signed in particular by Mirlande Manigat, a former presidential candidate.
Customary pranks

Such remarks only half-surprised Haitians. Former singer and surprise candidate, "Sweet Micky" had won the presidential election with a populist campaign. Previously, he was famous for his escapades when involved, for example, in drag, in a show where he lowered his pants on stage.

The question is whether this scandal will affect the parliamentary elections held Sunday in Haiti, with nearly four years late. At the last elections that Haiti has experienced - the second round of presidential elections in 2011 - less than a quarter of citizens had spoken. For the renewal, this Sunday, completeness positions of deputies and two thirds of the senate estimates provide for a participation rate of around only 15%