The representatives of Friends of Haiti countries expressed Wednesday at a meeting of the UN Security Council, their concerns on the reduction of troops of MINUSTAH.

The representatives of Canada, Brazil, Ecuador and Guatemala argued that a viable downsizing requires proper consideration of the situation and the capacity of the Haitian state to ensure the safety of its population. The decision of the States should not jeopardize the gains made since 2010, they precised.

Speaking on behalf of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), the representative of Ecuador, Xavier Lasso Mendoza, said CELAC has opposed any arbitrary reduction of the budget of MINUSTAH who is not technically justified. We reiterate the need to provide MINUSTAH resources, he emphasized, in particular to provide technical, logistical and security during the electoral process.

The countries of the CELAC are the biggest suppliers of military and police personnel to MINUSTAH.

In his speech the Ambassador of Canada, Conrad Lamont Sheck, expressed concern that the draft budget proposes to limit troop levels to 2.370 and 2.600 at its highest level, against 13,000 . "Our delegations remain convinced that the gradual reduction of the UN staff in Haiti must be made with consideration of the situation on the ground and the capacity of the Haitian state to ensure the safety of its population," pleaded  the Rep.

The representative of Brazil, Sérgio Rodrigues Dos Santos, a sustainable withdrawal of the UN in Haiti depends on a smooth transfer of responsibilities between United Nations peacekeeping staff and national authorities. Faced with the gradual withdrawal of the UN, he warned against the persistence of difficult problems that may negatively influence the security situation and threaten the gains made since 2010. The workforce reduction process must correspond to the realities, including economic and social situation, he insisted.

The representative of Guatemala, Omar Castañeda Solares, argued that despite the progress made by the Haitian National Police, the latter does not yet have the sufficient resources to support the safety completely he asked to consider the requests of the President of Haiti in this regard.