Major strike paralyzes Haiti's post and customs offices, costing the country nearly 200 million gourdes daily

Posted by on Tuesday, March 6, 2018 Under: Economy
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As expected, the employees of post offices and customs observed Monday, a work strike around the country, to encourage the government to sign the law on the particular status of the post offices and customs employees, as agreed during the negotiations between workers syndicates and the Haitian government back in 2017. The Ministry of Economy and Finance , Jude Alix Patrick Salomon, had promised during the signing of the agreement, which took place January 21, 2017 that the special status would be published within 90 days.

The spokesman for the committee of the Association of Haitian Customs (ADH) said that after a year, the Ministry on January 21, 20018 had asked for an extension till March 1st, but since they heard nothing from any officials, they decided to hold this strike to make their voices heard.

The strike has paralyzed operation of offices and customs posts across the country. The offices can be seen empty, and when some employees are present in some cases, they sit around without performing their duties.

According to forecasts by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, customs revenue is expected to total 5 billion gourdes each month. In this sense, daily forecasts are around 180 to 200 million gourdes, “ that’s loss of revenue recorded only for this day of strike. There is no negotiation between the strikers and members of the government for the moment to break this strike, said spokesman Michelson Nelson.

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