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Fourth place finisher in the Haitian presidential election, Maryse Narcisse, said that her party "Fanmi Lavalas will never accept this electoral coup" referring to the official results of the presidential election held November 20th that saw Jovenel Moise as winner in the first round with 55%67 of the votes.

Maryse Narcise, as well as Moise Jean Charles who came third in the polls, said that their parties will continue calling on their partisans to stand up and protest the results.

"Either we mobilized and defend our rights or we accept this electoral coup," Said Moise Jean Charles.

The losing candidates argued that the verification of the ballots, which was ordered by the electoral court before the publication of the definitive results, was not done properly.

The electoral court had ordered the verification of 12% of the ballots at random following a legal challenge to the preliminary results initiated by the three runner ups. The court said that it found no evidence of "massive fraud" that would affect the entire process.

"When the law goes against the people, the people must be outside the law," continued Moise without explaining what exactly he meant.

With the losers protesting, international organizations and governments welcomed the end of the arduous electoral process that begun since October 2015, while encouraging all parties involved to accept the results

The runner up, Jude Celestin, has not yet spoken out publicly.