More than 5 million potential voters will participate in the first round of parliamentary elections, held on Sunday August 9th, in Haiti.

The western Department which includes the metropolitan area of ​​Port-au-Prince is 40% of the electorate. The Artibonite is second among the most important electoral regions.

20 seats are to be filled. Two seats in the senate for each department; 34 candidates are running for two seats.

119 seats in the Chamber of Deputies.

The total cost of three rounds is 61 million. 38 million will be used for the first round of legislative elections.

The United States, European Union, Brazil and Japan are the main contributors to the achievement of the poll. The Haitian Government has allocated $ 6 million for security and $ 10 million for the financing of political parties.

9,000 Haitian police officers were mobilized to ensure the safety of members of the electoral apparatus. More than 41 000 temporary employees, including supervisors voting centers, members of polling stations, are hired.

On the security front, important restrictions on vehicle traffic have been announced by the Haitian authorities on the occasion of this election day.

At the last cabinet meeting Prime Minister Paul Evans, confirmed that there will be restrictions on the movement of vehicles in the capital and in major cities.

The street will be reserved for security forces and voters, warns Paul also president of the Superior Council of the National Police (NUMC).

Motorcycle traffic is completely banned on Sunday.

Restricting the flow of motorcycles was announced by the police to prevent violence in the vicinity of polling centers.

Also, other traditional security measures have been adopted, such as: temporary cancellation of firearms carry permit, prohibiting the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages, and port of ban blunt objects, knives or glass container.

More than 9,000 policemen were mobilized on the occasion of the legislative on Sunday 9th of August 2015. Specialized units such as SWAT can be deployed rapidly in areas by helicopter in case of major problems.

In polling, security is provided by the agents hired by the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP).