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The recent arrest and extradition to the United States of the Haitian Senator-elect Guy Phillipe, who was wanted for over a decade by the DEA on numerous drug trafficking charges as well as money laundering, continues to cause great reactions in Haiti.

Reynold George, Guy Philippe's lawyer, accused the United States of kidnapping his client with the complice of Haitian authorities. Mr George who argues that Haitian officials helped DEA agents abduct the former military leader, urged parliament to review Haiti's extradition treaty with the United States and other nations, to prevent elected officials from being arrested and deported to foreign countries without any due process.

A view shared by many, who agree that at least, the Haitian Supreme court should have been the one authorizing the extradition of the man elected by his constituent to represent them.

Presidential candidate in the November 20th election, Jean Henry Ceant, told local media that the arrest of the rebel "is an irresponsible act," considering that Philipe enjoys immunity due to his status as an elector.

However, Guy Phillipe did not yet enjoy the immunity given to lawmakers under Haitian laws, as he was apprehended just three days before he was officially sworn in as Senator.

Breaking News: Haitian Senator-elect Guy Phillipe, wanted by the DEA, arrested

The soon to be president of Haiti, Jovenel Moise, who ran under the umbrella of the same political party of the deported senator and who has campaigned publicly with him before the elections, has not made any public comment regarding the arrest.