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Kaliko Beach Hotel denies any involvement in any sex ring crimes after 31 girls, most of them minors, who were being looked for by the police in a case of human trafficking were found in two rooms on its properties on February 5th.

In a public note, the direction of the hotel said that the girls in question, were accompanied with adults and presented themselves normally at the lobby, where everyone filled out a form according to checking in procedures of guests. 

The hotel's manager Frantz Parraitre denies rumors circulating on social networks, saying that he had a knowledge of the abductions. Frantz also confirms that the hotel administration did not take punitive actions against any of its employees, because they did not violate the Hotel's policies when checking in the girls that would later be revealed to have been abducted to be sold as sex slaves.

Nearly two weeks ago, Haitian police and swat team stormed the Kaliko Beach Hotel in northern Haiti, after receiving a tip that the girls they have been searching for more than three months were locked inside rooms at the hotel.

Haitian Police rescued 33 women and girls abducted to be sold as sex slaves

33 girls, of whom 20 minors, piled in two rooms with 12 adults, four women and eight men with what looked like marijuana and cocaine were found. A laptop with child pornographic materials was also seized by the police.