Judges of the Supreme Judiciary Council publicly reject formal invitation of President Moise to meet at the National Palace

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Coming back from his European trip this past Saturday, Haitian President Jovenel Moise, aware of the controversy surrounding his comments abroad regarding PetroCaribe and how he was "forced" to approve the mandate of 50 corrupt judges, had announced that he had "
made the decision to organize a big meeting at the highest level of the state, with the 3 powers at the beginning of next week. We need to find a way for justice to work well in this country, " he promised.

Haitian President renews the mandate of about 50 judges suspected of corruption

However, still upset about the comments of the President which they have already blasted in a press conference, today the Judges of the Supreme Judiciary Council, (CSPJ) have publicly rejected a formal invitation of President Moise to meet with him at the National Palace.

Speaking to a journalist of Le Nouvelliste, one of the judges said that the CSPJ does not intend to respond to the invitation of President Moïse scheduled for Monday at 8 am,. "The letter of invitation is moot and the context is not conducive to going to the National Palace," he said.

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