The Superior Council of the Judiciary (Supreme Council) opened an investigation to shed light on the verdict of a criminal court that allowed the release of two suspected gang leaders. Woodly Ethéard and Renel Nelfort, were released by the judge Lamarre Bellizaire Friday, April 17, 2015 in the context of criminal trials without juries.

The judicial advisor Max Elibert ensures that the Supreme Council was informed of the scandal caused by the judgment called a "travesty of justice".

"The administrative investigation will determine the level of responsibility of each member of the judiciary in this case that has raised the indignation of political actors and national and international traders."

But as many fears, not much can be done. "We have limited powers over judges," said Mr. Elibert, Judge of the Court of Appeals of Les Cayes.

A summons from Judge Lamarre Bellizaire envisaged by the Supreme Council which is the body responsible for carrying out the certification of judges.

Mr. Elibert explained that members of the Supreme Council want to step back in order to understand the situation. We do not want to act out of emotion, he said.

The judge argues that the Supreme Council will intervene if there was a disciplinary offense or administrative offense. These scandals are not doing justice to justice, said Mr Elibert saying that this must be prevented.

Asked about the possibility of a record for the Court of Appeal transmitted to a trial court, Mr Elibert argued that this is contrary to the case law. When there  is an appeal, the decision of the judges of the Court of Appeal must be issued before anything else can be done.