Jobs? Haitian President, Jovenel Moise, doesn't have any for the youths of Haiti, only "hope"

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Jovenel Moise yesterday presented the balance sheet of his first year in office; the president took the opportunity to highlight some of the realizations of his government during that time; which aren’t many. 

The answer which the President gave to the most important question asked during his press conference, could not have better resumed his entire administration.

Jovenel moise yesterday was asked by a journalist of Teleginen:  “What can be done so that young people do not leave and find work here? In reference to the hundreds of thousands of Haitian youths migrating to Latin and South America yearly in search of better opportunities.

President Moise whose first year in office has not led to the creation of tens of thousands of jobs as he promised during his campaign, had nothing to offer to the young Haitians, but hope. "So that young people do not leave, we have to create hope and that's what we want to do",

Haitian President, Jovenel Moise, held a major press conference on the anniversary of his 1st year in office


The Haitian people do not want hope from Jovenel Moise or any other leader for that matter; they’re tired of this false hope Haitian politicians of all shades have been giving them over the years.

The youths of Haiti hope for job, education, access to health care; they hope for better leaders, not some endless and useless hope which cannot do nothing for them. The reason they are leaving in the first place is because they are hopeless. They do not believe in that hope the president is alluding to.

The problems of Haiti are many and complex, no one expects Jovenel Moise or any other president to fix them at all once during their short time in office, but what we should expect from our leaders, is for them to create the opportunities for us to to work and be able to contribute to the rebuilding of our country so that we do not migrate en masse.

Put the young people to work. Trash are everywhere? employ them so they can clean up streets. The country is severely deforested? Employ them to plant trees. There are no traffic signs on the roads, employ them to put them everywhere. Use them in the construction of their own schools and universities. Be bold, be creative, challenge their intelligence. Stop using the state money to pay senators and deputies, political parties and for small projects that will not have any real impact. Stop interferring into investigations which aim to punish those who have squandered the state's treasury because they are close political allies. 

Then and only then, the young people of Haiti might believe in that hope the President is offering them.

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